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September 11, 2020 by Amy Pafko

I recently bought a new pair of shoes on a whim.  They are the kind that either I’ll have to wear no-show socks (which I don’t like) or go sock less.  I’ll probably do the latter which is a big deal to me.  You see, for the past 12 years I’ve had warts on my feet and the idea of wearing shoes without socks was something I wouldn’t consider.

                I absolutely hated these warts.  I hated the way they looked and felt.  I hated the fact that I had gone to great lengths to get rid of them and I still had these stubborn warts. But most of all I hated the fact that they were a reminder that my health was still off somehow.  I still wasn’t where I wanted to be.

                I have heard warts are caused by a virus and a healthy immune system normally fights it off after exposure. In fact, sometimes even if a person has a wart and does nothing, they may eventually go away on their own. But not mine. I would tell myself that maybe my body (or feet) was so used to them and had developed some sort of barrier that my body just left it alone.  Whatever the case, I couldn’t get rid of them. I tried everything: OTC treatments, freezing them off in the doctor’s office, numerous natural remedies, and even surgery.  I was pretty much open to anything.  My husband would see me faithfully applying my latest remedy and make jokes about “the epic battle of the warts!”  Funny…but I felt defeated. I had treated them for years with nothing to show for it, no improvements.  In fact, during this time I obtained even more warts.

                I really believe we should pray without ceasing and pray about everything. Long ago I learned God cares about my health and health struggles and I began to pray specifically for my warts to heal.  So even with these four warts going strong, I still believed there was a solution.

                One evening as I was on the computer, I came across another “promising remedy”. This one cost $40 for a 2 oz. jar but it came with positive reviews and the fact that it was something totally new to me piqued my interest. In a moment of weakness, I hit “purchase” and optimistically tried yet another remedy.  In short, after consistently using the whole bottle, it didn’t work.  However, it did lessen the pain I had with one wart in particular. So I researched the ingredients and decided to make my own version with a few variations.

A Miracle in the Making

                After a couple weeks of using this new version, I was in complete shock one night when I looked at the heel of my left foot. This had been the home of a nickel-sized wart for 12 years. When I removed the band aid, the wart had fallen off and new, healthy skin was in its place.  I felt like I had witnessed a miracle.  It was almost surreal.  I had persevered but I think a part of me had resigned to the possibility that these warts might always be with me.

                Now that the biggest of all my warts had vanished, I had the motivation I needed to really stay committed to my new wart strategy.  Over the course of about four months, three of the four are completely gone.  The last remaining is showing signs of weakness.  I am hopeful that with continued treatment, this one will dissolve as well. 

                 I can’t tell you how satisfying this is. I feel like I am winning this battle that I honestly thought was not going in my favor. And that wouldn’t have been the end of the world. But now that it is mostly behind me, it feels like an answer to prayer and that does tend to strengthen a person’s faith. It just feels amazing to have healthy skin on my feet again instead of the lumpy, calloused, flaky patches.  The things we can take for granted!

Got Warts?

                If you have ever struggled with warts, you might be wondering what was in this magic formula that finally did the trick.  I’ll share the ingredients for “Amy’s wart cure”:

To mix, start with the oils and then add the powders and essential oils.  Mix until the consistency is similar to honey. The powders will separate over time, so be sure to stir before each application.  To apply to the wart, put a drop onto a band aid and then cover wart.  That’s it. Do this for as long as necessary until the wart is gone.

What I really appreciate about this formula is that it doesn’t damage the healthy skin around the wart.  Many formulas do that (OTC, duct tape, freezing, etc.) and that just gives the wart more room to grow.  This gently restores the skin to health.  So if you have warts, try it for yourself and let me know how it goes!

*Castor oil may stain fabrics.