Empty table cleanly made,
set for two, I see you there.
A rose sits quietly,
it's petals flushed,
a smile on your face as I cross the room.

White is the table cloth,
blue are your eyes,
watching only me.

A waiter passes, asks for my coat.
When I turn back, a new chair arrived.
An old friend, sitting and chatting.
You're smile's so bright...
New dinner plans.

Three is the sitting,
blue are your eyes,
glancing between topics at me.

I look around,
the place is filling.
I thought I saw a familiar face.
But by the time I turn to see,
another has joined you...
All laughing.

Five is there sitting,
gone are your eyes,
for I have been lost in the crowd.

I weave and bob throughout the room,
waiters rushing with food and drink.
And there you sit where I first saw you,
happily filling your plate.

White is the table cloth,
blue are your eyes,
that finally notice me there.

And here I stand over place meant for me,
but a whole 'nother chair comes a rumbling.
No longer just a table set for two.
Is there any longer room for me?