This is a Quenya text which I penned in the Tengwar for my friend as a Christmas present. It's a translation of Our Father written by J.R.R. Tolkien. I used my own personal style which I call Malinorne, based on Insecular Minuscule from the 6th Century with inspirations from Luxeuil Minuscule.
This is an art project that I did awhile ago. It's a family crest with my initials in it and a lot of my favorite things:
the star of Earendil, two jewel birds (Aiwet) that represent my full Elvish name, my favorite creature -- the dragon, and a border of Wishes in the Tolkien Elf-script, the Tengwar.
This is a Quenya text that I did for my high school's creative paper, the Mindsong. It's a poem from The Lord of the Rings, Farewell: The Lament of Galadriel in Lórien. I used my own personal hand of Tengwar which I call Malinorne.
This is a character I created for a Gundam Wing fanfic I'm *ahem* currently writing. Her name is Marty Brown, she's a red head, she grew up in the streets of St. Michele, and she currently works in the circus with Trowa. She was used as the main character in my short story, Wounded, a story written for my Creative Writing class.
The Crystal Quill
Title picture, May ed. AS 39
The Crystal Quill
Inside Picture, Heihoe Hatchling
Dragon Born
Study Picture 1

Idou Kassandra
Scroll of Honor

This is a drawing I did for the New Year's edition of The Crystal Quill, the Nordskogen Baronial newsletter, which is a large group in the SCA. The picture to the right is what is inside the egg -- a little griffin -- and is found on the inside of the newsletter.
This is what's inside the egg (left): a baby griffin! He is my own little mascot, Heihoe the Griffin. One day he'll reappear in The Crystal soon as I get some more inspiration and/or a request.
Though based on Dragon Born, this picture is not of the main character. I'm not sure who she is in the story, but I like her. The first version of her looked a bit different, with thicker lips and awful eyes. It was in freshman year (?) in high school that I changed her face, hence her long neck.
This is my first scroll done for the Kingdom of Northshield. The original is now in the Scroll of Honor, in tribute to Princess Kassandra. The poem was written by Master Owen Alun. I didn't have my scanner hooked up when it was due for Coronation so...this is a picture I took with my digital. Hence the bad quality of the image.
Dude, Where's My Arm?
Castel Rouge invitation

Dude, Where's My Arm?
Master Owen's invitation

Dude, Where's My Arm?
Viscountess Shava's invitation
Gift to Cadell Blaidd du
We Fight With the Midrealm
The first in a series of invitations written for Tor Aerie's spring event, Dude, Where's My Arm? This one is addressed to their Excellencies of Castel Rouge. The cool knot-border was done by Lady Thornarna Hiartt.
Second in the series of invitations written for Dude, Where's My Arm? This one is addressed to Master Owen Alun, then seneschal of the Barony of Nordskogen. The knotwork was done by Lady Thornarna Hiartt
Third in the series of invitations written for Dude, Where's My Arm? This one is addressed to Viscountess Elashava bas Riva, current seneschal of the Kingdom of Northshield. The wonderful dragon was drawn and painted by Lord Will Douglas.
A gift made for THL Cadell Blaidd du; herald, scribe, and bard of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc. The song inscribed is one that he wrote and performed for the Sylvan Bard Competition in AEthelmearc (April 23, 2005). Scroll completed on 11 August 2005. Presented to him at Pennsic War XXXIV, 14 August AS XL.
[11" x 14"]
Animated .gif
Please Stand By
A graphic that I made.