Á Linda Lírë
Líre (Song): Translation:*
Á linda lírë, vanya líre
an órenya yerna.
Aurë oantie, lómë ringa
Ar nixë utúlië.
Sing a song, a lovely song
for my heart is old;
The day has gone, the night is cold
And the frost has come.
Ai! Fírima nér á lala
an lússe firuval.
Nessa le, ve hína le
Nan umë coirëa.
Ah! Mortal man sing
for in time you will die;
Young you are, like child you are
But not living yet.

Á linda lírë, vanya lírë
an coirëa sinta.
Ai vanwa mornië, sére haryal
Sí limpë sucuvalvë!

So sing a song, a lovely song
for life is short;
The Darkness is gone, peace you have
Now let us drink the wine!

*Translation not exact

History: This song was first found in the margin of some obscured notes dated to the Third Age. However, this song may in fact originate from the Fourth Age, added quickly. The song's singer is an Elf singing to a Mortal, however, because of its light and bouncy tune, wholly unlike most Elven songs, it is believed to have been written by a Hobbit posing as an Elf. This theory is backed up by the document it is written on and that there have been other "Elven" songs written by Hobbits (written in the margins of the Red Book, for instance).

Final note: the Hobbit who wrote the song must have been quite learned in the Ancient Tongue.