© Melanie Pafko, 2005

Riding on a long journey, I come upon a glen
and there I rest upon a time, to heal my heart again.
I lean my lips to sip upon the frosted mirrored pool
but stop as I gaze within, for reflected there is you.
And though I look behind me I cannot see you there.
Then tell me why I feel on cheek the gentle brush of hair?

A thousand miles I have traversed to find my lady love
and each night I see her as I stare at the night above.

Within the lake your eyes do dance, shine of a darkling star
your lips twist in a sparkling smile, a wayward sprite you are.
I close my eyes as you caress my cheek and hold my hand.
It's as if you were really here, and not in some foreign land.
Your breath so sweet upon my neck, sends shivers down my spine.
A language sweet pours from your mouth. Oh how I want you, mine!

I feel your spirit where e'er I go, a ghost upon my road
strengthening with every mile as I near your abode.

I cannot say how much I long for you - like Moon for Sun
And as I dream I pray in heart by morrow you won't be gone.
A touch of warmth awakes my sleep, and I thought it was you
but Sun it was, my heart did weep for your vision did not prove true.
And so I ride, my thoughts on you, my love, my home, my heart.
When you shall lie within my arms, I know we'll never part.

I ride upon the hazey road towards a goal unseen
My footsteps rise above the wind, and heralds my ride home.