An Untitled Short

I screamed in terror and shot strait up. My sheets were soaked and I was trembling all over. Great, another bad dream and the worst part was, I couldn't remember it…again. "Okay girl, calm down. Just a bad dream, that's all. Ya, just a dream," I murmured to myself. I shuddered. It had seemed too real, whatever it was, so very real.

Getting up I brushed my hair. It was slightly damp but it would dry to its usual golden brown. I went over and put on my uniform. We were required to war it for school and I hated it but if I didn't I would be suspended. It was an ugly green with brown straps. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

As soon as I opened the door I was plowed over by a huge bulk of fur and scale. Rallak, my pet Tralik, was slobbering all over my face as his usual greeting to me in the morning. "Nice reflexes Ral. That was the fastest response time yet. Now hun, could you get off me?" I asked as his purple mane tickled my nose. "Rrrlickk?" he mumbled as he licked me with his long, green tongue that he caught Varnichez with on his home planet.

He finally got off me and I brushed off the dirt. "Silly mutant," I said affectionately, "Now let's get some breakfast." He yelped in agreement and joined me in the kitchen. "Hey squirt," my brother greeted me, his own pet on his shoulder. "Hey idiot," I greeted him back with a wry smile. "Ha, ha, ha," he said. "Glllra," Ral growled. "God, is that thing still alive? I thought I ran over that devil with my car," he commented at the sight of my pet.

"Regenerative skills. You just can't kill him," I said matter-of-factly. "Damn. You choose good pets," he said. "Thank you. Hope you didn't hurt you car," I said. "Nah, but I really wish I had killed it. I'm sick of being his chew toy. I've lost three arms this week," he said, motioning to his lost limbs. There were stubs where they had started to grow back.

I knelt down and started speaking to my pet in that stupid voice owners talk to their pets, "What? You only managed three? Bad Tralik, bad. I thought I trained you better than that." "Very funny sis, shut up. Just you wait, my Dren will soon tear you to shreds. Just you wait. I just need another month to train her," he threatened. "That's what you said a year ago. Face it, she's just no trainable. You need another pet," I said, grabbing a dried human finger lying about. "She is too. I just have to find the trick. Besides, I wouldn't trade her for the world," he said kissing his ugly pet. "Whatever," I commented and took some eyeballs for later.

"Tell mom I'll be back in a few hours. They're teaching hunting skills for humans at the field. Should be fun," I said over my shoulder and left, licking my lips. Ral should be able to take down 20 humans, at least. Mom would have a feast tonight.

Suddenly I heard a small sound like that of whimpering. Following it to a bush I found a pretty little girl. Her golden hair was catching in the sunlight and her blue eyes were full of tears.

"Hey there little one. What's the matter?" I asked as nicely as I could. She sniffed and looked at me in fear. "Hey there, don't be afraid. What's wrong?" I asked again as I held back the thorny branches with three of my hands. "I…I can't find my mommy," she whispered, wiping her nose with her hand. "Oh, poor thing," I sighed and picked her up. "Well don't worry hun. I'll make everything better for you." The girl finally grinned with hope.

Then, with Rallak by my side I turned back to my house and opened the door.

"Hey bro. Looks like we're having Little Girl Soup!"