Norway: Oslo Landmarks

Oslo is the capital of Norway. It lies at the end of a fjord and is surrounded by green forests. In Viking times it was called "Viken", which means "little fjord." Oslo proper was founded in 1050 but was destroyed by fire. The rebuilt city was called "Christiania" until 1924, when it resumed its older name of Oslo.

Oslo contains many parks and museums. Vigeland Park (within Frogner park) is one of the most special. Its 193 bronze and graphite statues were created by Gustav Vigeland, who gave them to the city upon his death. They concern themselves with the human condition and beautifully portray the emotions and processes of life.

About the Scenic Snaps

Oslo is the economic, political, and cultural heart of Norway. It has a busy seaport, the parliamentary building and royal palace, not to mention dozens of parks and museums. The pedestrian street is especially nice, and allows one to get to many of the cities highlights...

  • Notice the guard walking back and forth in front of the spot where Nazis executed Norwegian prisoners during the war.
  • Notice the carvings on the side of the large bowl-shaped fountain. They go all the way around and follow events birth to death.
  • Notice the statue of the girl playing with her hair and crying baby boy. Both display tremendous emotion for a statue.
  • Also, that famous painting "The Scream" by Edvard Munch (1863-1944) is on display in Oslo (I don't have a picture of it).

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