Norway: Snow, Ice, & Glaciers

Much of Norway is a land of the ice and snow--with a midnight sun--where harsh winds blow... It is therefore not surprising that Jostedalsbreen, Europe's largest glacier, calls Norway home. In fact, Norway owes much of its beauty to glaciers past and present. During prehistory they carved out the deep valleys that filled with sea water to become today's majestic fjords. But the harsh conditions continue to shape both life and landscape in Norway...

The Sami, or Lapps, battle the harsh conditions as they raise domesticated reindeer in Northern Norway. Today about 20,000 Sami remain, but only 10% live in this traditional way. Most have adopted the lifestyle of modern Norway...

About the Scenic Snaps

Snow and ice have a unique beauty. This part of Norway was wonderful to see. But it was always nice to get back on a warm bus...

  • Note that we are looking at just one tiny finger of the glacier peaking over a cliff face (but it's still impressive). Most of the glacier is inaccessible.
  • Can you find the reindeer?
  • Notice our bus driver (Olav) exchanging a package with a passing bus. The narrow roads in Norway always made passing other vehicles very exciting.
  • Notice the bottle of aquavit (we are all huddled around it). Aquavit is a potent form of alcohol that is shipped to Australia and back. The gentle rolling in sherry casks and temperature changes as it crosses the equator twice (there & back) are responsible for its "unique" character.
  • Olav, our bus driver, had no trouble lifting up Colleen, our tour guide. Was it love or aquavit? :)
  • Parts of Norway are very desolate. Can you find our hotel in the panoramic shot?

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