Norway: Reflecting Waters

Lakes are always beautiful. But a calm lake reflecting its surroundings is gorgeous. Especially when perched among mountains and fed by the melting snow in spring. It's enough to put you in a wonderful "morning mood!"

It is usually lakeside that you find one of Norway's few farms. Only 3% of the country is devoted to farmland. Most of their land is too rugged and mountainous to be arable. But the farmers that toil here at least have plenty of scenery to enjoy...

About the Scenic Snaps

We saw many lakes during our visit. However, strangely enough we saw very few people actually fishing in them. Being from Minnesota this seemed rather odd. But they were sure nice to look at...

  • Look ma, I'm driving the bus! :)
  • Notice the cruise ship that came in, docked, and backed out the next morning.
  • Notice the caviar that we are trying for the first time.
  • By the way, that's my sister in front of the beautiful lake. Or did she tell me to say, "that's my beautiful sister in front of the lake," I just can't remember... :)

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